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Become a UAL Armwrestler

How To

Feb 11th, 2011


How to Become a UAL Armwrestler

To Become a Professional or Amateur Armwrestler with The Ultimate Armwrestling League

All you need is the love for the sport, drive to become a champion and dedication! If you simply want to join our Amateur division and test your strength and skills show up at the next UAL tournament. We post info on each tournament in our events section of the website. It will disclose the event date, time and schedule. We will teach you the rules of the sport and even team you up with a Pro for free. We welcome new comers to the sport and love to train you how to become a Champion!

Each event has weigh-ins because there are weight classes and you can compete with either Arm right or left. This ensures a fair match between competitors. Our Ref's are the best in the sport of Armwrestling, headed up by Co-Founder of the UAL Master Ref Bill Collins, Bill holds World Champion Titles in the WAF (World Armwrestling Federation) and is 1 of 4 Master Ref's in North America.

To compete you will need to register for the event by going to the STORE section of the website and paying an entrance fee or showing up to the weigh-ins the day of the event, if you register ahead of time online this will ensure you got entered into the competition and get you an athletic event shirt The event shirt must be worn at the event (you will receive the shirt at the weigh-ins). When you pay online it will ask you the size of the shirt, if you plan on entering multiple arms you will simply register twice or select 2 in the checkout process. We will not ask you what weight class or arm online, we will do so at the weigh-ins, just bring the print out showing you registered online.

We will have extra UAL armwrestling tables for you to warm up with at the event, this will make sure that no injuries take place. Warming your muscles and tendons up is the key to not injuring yourself. Please make sure to get with a staff personel from UAL and we will team you up with a pro to teach you how to properly warm up and stretch your muscles before you compete.

Progression with the Sport:

Once you have taken a 1st place in our Amateur division 4 times you will no longer be able to pull in Amateur class, it is key to progress and learn from others so we want you to move up after 4 wins to make room for new comers and you yourself get a better challenge and become a UAL Professional Champion. This will allow you to compete for prize money, as an Amateur you can win awards and medals, as a Professional you will compete for Cash prizes and Medals! As you see on TV we also have Ultimate Match Up's these are one on one events that pay BIG money, you must earn a chance at an Ultimate Match Up. Only contracted UAL Athletes compete in Ultimate Match Up's.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email Bill at

Join the Team Now and meet fellow Pullers in the Community section of our website - "Armwrestlers Near You"

Welcome to The Ultimate Armwrestling League

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