Cody 'Codeman' Hadley

Cody 'Codeman' Hadley

  • Contender Right Hand Middle Weight

League History

  • Middleweight Contender (R) 11 February 2012 - Current

Ultimate Match Up Record

0 W - 0 L (0 Rounds : 0 W 0 L)


  • 28 yo : 6' 2" : 173 Lbs : 16 " bicep : 15 " forearm : Fast Hit


Grew up in Fountain, Colorado doing "extreme" sports like dirt biking, skate boarding and snow boarding. Went to college in Daytona Beach, Florida, started my career in Huntington Beach, California and it moved me to Tempe, Arizona and now St. Louis, MO. Jim Northern was the man who got me into this awesome sport in 2004. Pulled against Greg Helms, Noah Sanders and Jason Rivas at Florida State 2004 in Jacksonville and been "hooked" ever since.

Toughest Opponent

  • Luke Kindt
  • Vazgen Soghoyan
  • Ovi Dragonmir.

Toughest Match

My favorite/toughest match was against Luke Kindt @ UAL III left handed. I lost that match but learned a lot from it and my day will come.

Tournaments Won

A lot of top 3 finishes at various tournaments through the years. No major tournament victories yet.

Profession outside of Arm Wrestling

Engineering work on military aircraft.

Best Training Advice

Consistency and variety. I have found that staying consistent and doing new workouts to "surprise" the muscles leads to big gains in strength. Table time once a week and gym workouts 3 times a week seems to be just right. Work a lot of hand, wrist, back and bicep/tricep exercises but work the chest/shoulders and legs just as hard for a balanced body.

Career Goals

To excel and grow in my work as an engineer and to become the best arm wrestler I can be.


Aside from working out and arm wrestling I enjoy the outdoors, watching movies and building/riding custom motorcycles.

Who inspires you and why?

The best in the arm wrestling world. Watching others succeed gives me the motivation to train even harder and one day succeed.

Your favorite Athlete other than yourself, and why?

Too difficult to pick just one. There are so many talented, strong, and motivated people it's hard to pick just one favorite.

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