Arm Candy

Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri


Hometown: Huntington Beach CA, USA

Nickname Ana Banana

Age: old enough

Height: 5'7"

Body Type: Sexy Athletic

Measurements: 34D -26 -38 - "I've got a booty"

Questions and Answers

What are your favorite hobbies? My Favorite hobbies are working out, kick boxing, and now on to the boring side of me "Reading & Painting"

What is your favorite food? My favorite favorite food is anything "Junk food" related, pop tarts, chips reeses peanut butter cups and flaming hot Cheetos YUMMY!

What do you like most about Armwrestling? The RAW power of the Sport! Watching two sweaty guys go all at it using there bodies.

What makes you sexy? My sense of humor.... Duh my body!

Who is your favorite Puller and Why? Richard Lupkes and Kevin Bongard

Of the following Pulling styles, which one best describes you and why? (Top Roll, Hooker, Shoulder Press, Shoulder Roll, Over the Top, Side Pressure, High knuckle back load, Sweep or Drag) Well defiantly not "Hooker" - I'd say probably "Over the Top" because thats what I am ;)

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