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Megan Belet

Megan Belet


Hometown: Lexington KY, USA

Nickname Meg, Meggy, Meggy Megerson

Age: 23 years young

Height: 5'4"

Body Type: Small with a lot of love

Measurements: 34D - 24 - 34

Questions and Answers

What are your favorite hobbies? My Favorite hobbies are working out, exploring new restaurants, and playing open face Chinese poker.

What is your favorite food? Where do I start?! Cupcakes, fudge, ice-cream, pizza, pasta.... The unhealthier it is the better it tastes!

What do you like most about Armwrestling? I love the intensity that the competitors show! I am sometimes scared for my life just sitting table side! They are so passionate about the sport. I also feel close to Armwrestling because my Father took 2nd place back in 1977 at Nationals in the Super Heavy Weight division.

What makes you sexy? I don't really think i'm sexy. Goofy and awkward is more how I see myself lol

Who is your favorite Puller and Why? I really like John Brzenk. Not only because he is incredible at what he does but he is always so humble.

Of the following Pulling styles, which one best describes you and why? (Top Roll, Hooker, Shoulder Press, Shoulder Roll, Over the Top, Side Pressure, High knuckle back load, Sweep or Drag) Ideally I would probably like to be "Top Roll"... who doesn't want to be the best!? I am pretty boring at times and prob. more of a "drag" lol.

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