Arm Candy

CJ Gibson

CJ Gibson


Hometown: ClearWater, Florida

Nickname "Cheese" because I like it

Age: 20's

Height: 5' 6"

Body Type: Toned and Tanned

Measurements: 34C / 24 / 35

Questions and Answers

What are your favorite hobbies?

When you love life, it is easy to have many hobbies that make you happy :) Among some of these are being outdoors, spending time with those who make me smile and laugh the most (family & good friends), learning new crafts everyday, cooking, art (painting) , a healthy lifestyle of fitness including mainly yoga, running and hiking. Everyday I am creating my own adventure full of fun.. Hobbies are meant to be enjoyable. Therefore, hobbies = happy! :p

What is your favorite food?

I'm not going to give you the typical "healthy" answer.. I'm going to tell you it depends on my mood.. I really dig refreshing and cold fruits, salads, and smoothies. I run pretty hot in temperature so ice cream, popsicles and frozen grapes are in my top favorite.. On the days when I just need a real fulfilling meal, I go for pasta mi amor! I am half Italian.. ;) Such an easy meal to whip up too! Oh, and can not forget sushi! I guess you can say that I really like food :)))

What do you like most about Armwrestling?

This is easy- the masculinity! I love the adrenaline I feel in response to the arm wrestlers emotions.. Whether it is fear in their eyes, their tough and aggressive nature as they are ready to take on another challenger or even the happiness of a successful take down. Watching all of this only makes me feel excited to be apart of such a sport. Plus, I have always had a thing for forearms ;)

What makes you sexy?

Confidence! Plain and simple. It shows within you. Whatever I need to do in life to make myself feel this way I do.. So working out and living a healthy lifestyle. This all in return brings me confidence, which I believe is the sexiest trait a woman can possess.

Who is your favorite Puller and Why?

Jake Smith

Of the following Pulling styles, which one best describes you and why? (Top Roll, Hooker, Shoulder Press, Shoulder Roll, Over the Top, Side Pressure, High knuckle back load, Sweep or Drag)

I would have to say that I am best suited with the Shoulder Press and Shoulder Roll. I believe that there is a sneak attack in this, much like myself. Once you come in and control your opponent, you then give it your all and rise on top. Much like my strategy with all things. Sneaky to survive, putting my all and best foot forward to the occasion at the correct time. :)

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