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  • 2020 California State Championship

    2020 California State Championship

    Aug 23rd, 2019
    2020 California State Championship Los Angeles Fit Expo January 25-26, 2020 LA Fit Expo @ Los Angeles Convention Center…
  • Ladies-Lori Cole

    Ladies-Lori Cole

    Aug 13th, 2019
    Note for the ladies: Most don't know that Lori Cole was very instrumental and behind the scene with the movie Over The…
  • Lake Tahoe-USA Open

    Lake Tahoe-USA Open

    Aug 7th, 2019
    Lake Tahoe USA OPEN ARMWRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP, Biltmore Lodge/Casino 5 NV-28, Crystal Bay, NV 89402 Phone: (800)…
  • Patterson Armwrestling

    Patterson Armwrestling

    May 3rd, 2019
    THIS is one of the longest standing event in USA, please share, tag a friend and come out and have some family fun
  • 49th Patterson Apricot Championship

    49th Patterson Apricot Championship

    Feb 1st, 2019
    49th Patterson Apricot Championship One of the longest standing event in USA, Family fun and everyone is welcomed..
  • Disclaimer Agreements

    Disclaimer Agreements

    Jan 3rd, 2019
    Please Note: Any agreement/contract from the Ultimate Armwrestling League, is not an approved document without the signature…
  • UAL 17 Calif State

    UAL 17 Calif State

    Dec 20th, 2018
    Are you ready for the Calif State championship @ the LA fit expo, one of the largest EXPO in USA...
  • UAL 16 San Benito County Fair

    UAL 16 San Benito County Fair

    Sep 7th, 2018
    2018 San Benito County fair Oct 6th, 2018 9000 Airline Hwy Tres Pinos, CA 95075 Everyone is invited you think you can…